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Domestic Violence, EPOs and DVOs
Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a Crime
and Greensburg Police Department responds to all domestic violence issues as high priority calls and takes appropriate action; IF YOU ARE A VICTIM DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL.

The Greensburg Police Department investigates all allegations or suspicions of domestic violence. If you suspect someone is a victim of domestic violence call the Greensburg Police Department or if you prefer to remain anonymous call the Greensburg Police Department tip line; 270-405-1031; an investigation will ensue.

Victim Rights Information

Anyone can be a victim. Everyone has the right to be safe from abuse, harassment, and threats. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL FOR HELP.

  • See that you and your children are safe.
  • You can call the nearest Spouse Abuse Center for confidential information and safe shelter. 
  • If you are sexually assaulted: contact the nearest Spouse Abuse Center or Rape Crisis Center for confidential information and counseling. Go to a hospital for treatment. Do not bathe or change clothes. A rape examination and other related tests should be conducted within 72 hours following the assault. A rape examination is necessary for your own protection or should you need the findings for any legal action at a later date.
  • You can file a criminal complaint with the local prosecutor and/or a petition for a Domestic Violence Protective order through District Court (no fees). Your location may remain confidential. The abuser may be arrested for violation of a protective Order (EPO, DVO) or for violating conditions of release after an arrest.
  • Contact your local Department of Social Service to assist you and your family in obtaining protective and support services.
  • Contact your regional Community Health Center for other counseling services.

Emergency Protective Orders (EPO)

Emergency Protective Orders (EPO) can direct the abuser to:

  • Stop the abuse
  • Vacate the residence
  • Have no contact or communication
  • Award petitioner temporary custody
  • Restrain from disposing of or damaging property
  • Other orders as needed to prevent domestic violence

To obtain an EPO you can contact the District Court Clerk or if it is after business hours an Officer with the Greensburg Police Department will assist you in obtaining an EPO.

Domestic Violence Orders (DVO)

After a full hearing Domestic Violence Orders (DVO) can also:

  • Award temporary custody
  • Other options the court believe will eliminate future acts of violence
  • Award temporary support
  • Order counseling

Regional Victim Services Program Crisis Line

Spouse Abuse Center 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

There is no charge to victims for services from Spouse Abuse Centers and the Department of Social Services.  Services available include: 
  • Temporary safe emergency shelter for adult victims and their children
  • 24 hour crisis line
  • Individual and group counseling (shelter and outreach)
  • Referral to community services
  • Court and victim advocacy
  • Children’s services
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Community education and professional training
  • General information on domestic violence

Local Kentucky Rape Crisis Centers and Outreach Offices:

Rape Crisis and Prevention Center (Bowling Green) 800-347-1848
BRASS (Bowling Green) 800-928-1183
Rape Victim Services Program (Elizabethtown) 270-769-1304
Lincoln Trail Domestic Violence Program (Elizabethtown) 800-767-5838
Spouse Abuse Center (Louisville) 502-581-7222
Bethany House Family Abuse Center (Somerset) 800-755-2017

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