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Posted on: June 3, 2015

Property Maintenance and Animal Control

Summer is upon us and our attention turns to the outdoors. Each Summer City Hall receives an influx of calls concerning issues of property maintenance and animal control issues. All of these issues fall under the City of Greensburg’s Ordinance #2008078 better know as “The Nuisance and Real Property Maintenance Code”. This will be the first in a series of articles that will discuss the various sections of the “Nuisance and Property Maintenance Code” over the next few months.

There have been several inquiries regarding the current animal control requirements enforced within the City of Greensburg. These inquiries have prompted the review of the animal control regulations in place set forth by Ordinance #2008078. The possible inclusion of a “Leash Law”, the imposition of animal-licensing fees for dogs and cats and/or stipulations on the appropriate manner in which an animal would be required to be housed, are all up for consideration.

Any domestic animal found to be a nuisance as identified by formal complaint, City Code Enforcement Officer or sworn City Police Officer can be impounded at the owner’s expense, can be prohibited from running at large and the owner can be fined according to the schedule of fines found in the City’s Nuisance Code Ordinance. Fines can be as little as $10, or as much as $100 for a first offense and up to $500 for each additional offense. Below is an excerpt directly from the “Animal Control” portion of the ordinance, which was updated in 2007:

Public Nuisance: for purpose of this section a public nuisance shall include, but not be limited to the following:
1. Excessive, continuous or untimely barking.
2. Gets into or turns over garbage.
3. Walks and or sleeps on automobiles.
4. Habitually or continuously roams or is found on the property of another.
5. Creates unsanitary conditions so as to offend sight or smell,
6. Is considered to be a dangerous animal as determined by the Greensburg Code Enforcement Officer, their dually appointed representative or a dually sworn officer of the Greensburg City Police Department.
7. Is diseased or dangerous to the health of the public.
8. Are housed or restrained less than 15 feet from public street, road, or sidewalk and, poses a threat to the general safety, health or welfare of the general public.
9. Damages gardens, foliage or other real or personal property.
10. Is not confined to a building or secure enclosure while in estrus.
11. Chases, snaps at, attacks or otherwise molests pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle passengers, farm stock or domestic animals.
12. Eliminates on private property without the permission of the owner of said property.
13. Dangerous animal: any warm-blooded mammal that is known to carry or be susceptible to the rabies virus and which cannot be effectively vaccinated against that virus with any vaccine approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Kentucky Department of Human Resources. This definition includes any hybrid animal or any pet wildlife that has attacked a human or which is apprehended or observed unrestrained.
14. Dangerous dog: any dog, which when unprovoked, in an aggressive manner, commits a severe attack on any person or domestic animal.

The City’s Code Enforcement and Law Enforcement Officers are always happy to help in these situations; however they have to be made aware of any situation in order to address them. The City has made available several avenues for these issues to be reported. Citizens can do one of the following: any non-emergency property maintenance or animal control issue can be reported directly to City Hall at (270) 932-4298, afterhours calls can be made to Greensburg/Green County E-911 at (270) 932-4911, or issues can be reported by email through the City’s webpage at The City is a user of Public Stuff, a mobile reporting app which can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet. Public Stuff can be used to report issues or concerns with an option to attach pictures and track the progress on resolving the issue reported.

When it comes to living in cities and towns - whether big or large - there are certain responsibilities we all have towards our neighbors. We encourage everyone to be mindful of those responsibilities.

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